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What to Buy Kakadu or Driza-bone
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Kakadu products versus Driza-bone products

Kakadu Products

The Kakadu brand has been around for decades originating in Outback Australia where the need was to supply the extremely large Whillas family the products needed to protect them from the harsh Australian bush and weather and as a result the Kakadu Oilskins where produced. As a retailer I have been selling Kakadu range of products for many years and have only had excellent reports in the quality of the products. With the raw materials used for manufacture and the high standard of quality control Kakadu have ensured0. they have produced a product second to none to any other Oilskin brand. Most of Kakadu’s products are made offshore where it is cost effective, making for a much cheaper product to purchase than other well-known brands, however the quality is still retained from the high standards Kakadu enforce. Therefore you will pay a lesser amount for any Kakadu product than any other Oilskin product on the market.

Most of the Kakadu hats (except the soaker hats) are made here in Australia in the factory in NSW, so these can be made to order if large amounts are required. If you are looking for a quality, cost effective product then the Kakadu range is the product to purchase.

Driza-bone Products

The history of Driza-bone has an even longer history dating back to the 1800’s when they were first produced. Everybody knows the Driza-bone as a Australian Iconic brand and has an excellent reputation for their hard wearing Oilskins. The story of the oilskins began back in 1890’s when a British Sailor imagined an indestructible wet-weather jacket made from recycled ship sails treated with oil. The oilskin legend was born and the famous wet weather clothes became mandatory Australian wet weather work wear in many different industries which had to bear the harsh Australian weather, in rain, hail, snow, wind and heat. Driza-bone had foreign ownership for some time until 2008 where it became 100% Australian owned and continues to be designed and made in Australia in modern and stylish garments. The cost of products being made in Australia is higher than if it’s made offshore and is reflected in the price of each garment, but if you are wanting an Australian made product, then this is the one you would chose.  The only Driza-bone products Aussie Outback Wear sell that are not Australian made is the Vale Cotton Vests.

I believe the two brands stand side by side in quality and style so the question is: which brand do I choose?

It comes down to personal choice -

Driza-bone - Are you wanting an Australian made and owned product which is more expensive but that’s ok because you are wanting to purchase an Australia product that is hard wearing and long lasting?


– Are you wanting an equal in quality and style but more cost effective because it is not made in Australia but is an all Australian owned company owned by the Whillas family that is also hard wearing and long lasting?

For further information we may be contacted at customerservice@aussieoutbackwear.com.au

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