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'Lightweight 5oz/195g': Our range of Canvas Lightweight Cool Shirts.  Made from 100% combed cotton construction provides the strength needed by the product range to perform while at the same time giving the feel and handle of a quality fabric.  Perfect for the hot summer months!

'Midweight 8oz/230g' (Sail): Our range of midweight Canvas Shirts. Made from a selected blend of high quality tightly woven carded cottons.  This fabric is constructed to endure the cooler temperature zones.  Tough enough to function extremely well under the rugged criteria set for the product range yet with a relaxed, comfortable handle.

'Heavyweight 10oz/280g' (Tarpaulin):  Our range of Canvas Jackets, Heavy duty Shirts, Vests and Pants - the workhorse of the fabric range.  Made from 280g m2  (loomstate) high quality blended carded cotton, its construction is 24/2 x 24/2 to produce a tight weave that will protect against wind and water yet be tough enough to withstand the rugged requirements of the extreme weather product range.  Perfect for hard working men and women or battling the elements!

'Ultra Heavyweight 18oz/540g' (Rhino):  Our range of Canvas Bags.  Like its namesake, this is one tough fabric.  Rhino skin is remarkable both for it's thickness and texture just like our Rhino Canvas.  This 10/4 x 10/4, 540g combed cotton is the heaviest fabric in the range and products engineered from it are often reinforced with leather then rivited.  All our Canvas Bags are made from this Ultra Heavyweight tough 18oz Rhino fabric.  Click on link to see our Canvas bags. Great tough bag for camping, hiking or everyday use.

Oilskin Canvas

The origins of Kakadu's Oilskin Canvas are traced back three generations where ancestors manned a lighthouse serving the remote Southern Ocean of Australia.  Here Oilskin Canvas was constructed using a wringer mangler so they could protect wharf equipment and themselves from the harsh elements.  This was the basis upon which Kakadu's Microwax' was developed.
Using a unique blend of Australian waxes and oils, out Oilskin Canvas is not only water and windproof, it is also fully breathable allowing sweat to permeate through the fabric.  Our 'Microwax' oilskin canvas is also pleasantly odourless with a drier handle that remains supply even in colder climates.


Scrubbed Canvas

After being worn for 5-10 years in the bush, traditional oilskin products develop a rustic antique character.  We have developed a special washing process in order to capture this aged character and texture for new garments.  We call this 'Scrubbed'.   The Scrubbed process gives our traditional oilskin cloth a dry handle with a rugged vintage finish and fits perfectly in our tough built to last product range.

Gunn Worn Canvas

Over time a wash was developed for garments with tough stains that farmers, builders, miners, riggers in fact gangers or all sorts got on their working gear. We call this the 'Gunn Worn' wash.  Dyes that absorbed and penetrated deep into rugged gauge heavyweight & tough lighter weight fabrics required a special wash process using natural enzymes to selectively remove them from fabrics creating a rugged vintage look of the garments, built for today's outdoor wearer.

Barrel Washed Canvas

The tradition of washing garments in a barrel or tub has evolved with each generation until finally being replaced by machines.  With the development of selective enzymes that can target the dye and not the fabric fibres, combined with the traditional 'Barrel' wash method, a refind finish and colour are achieved.  Further to this, the by-products from the wash are fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly and absored back into nature where it came from. 

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