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Hat Care

Suede Leather Hats - Cowhide split leather - rough finish

  1. Provided you dry your hat slowly, rain drops will simply brush out.
  2. Water resistancy can be achieved through the use of a silicone based spray.
  3. Oily or greasy marks (provided you move quickly) - on some occasions it is possible to sprinkle talcum powder on the marks, and the talc will absorb some of the oil or grease.
  4. If any heavy soiling occurs that cannot be brushed out then a suede shampoo (saddle soap) with hard brush & cold water.
  5. Some marks can be removed by rubbing gently with an emery board.

Full Grain Leather Hats - Smooth leather finish

  1. Protect with a little leather dressing, just enough to protect not weigh the hat down.
  2. Water will turn to beads and roll off (or shake off).
  3. Sweat/perspiration stains are difficult to remove, but saddle soap and sponge will usually work.

Stretching Hats - Leather/Fur Felts

  • Leather - you need to be sitting down. Put your hands & knee inside the front of the crown & give gradual pulls, try on after each pull to ensure you do not overstretch. After each stretch, rotate the hat so you are stretching evenly around the crown

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