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Men's Cowboy Hats
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Cowboy Hats - All of our Hats are Australian Made including most of the Soaka Hats which are represented with an "A" after the item number.

Our Kakadu brand hats are made from Australian fabric and are designed for the tough and rugged Australian outdoors.  Our large range of Leather Bush Hats or Cowboy Hats are made in Australia from Leather, Oilskin Canvas, Kangaroo, Rhino Canvas and Suede.  Or you might like to keep warm in our Leather or Canvas fur lined Huske Hat or Sherpa lined Baron Hats, we have got you covered whichever hat you choose.  With the quality of our long lasting Australia Bush Hats no matter whether you go Horse Riding, Camping, Fishing, Golf, Hiking, Gardening, Biking Riding, Boating, Hunting or Bush Walking or if it’s in the extremes of snow, heat, rain or whatever the Aussie climate dishes out you know you’ll be up for it in our large range of tough quality Cowboy Hats. Buy Quality you can Rely on!

Kakadu Hats

Dundee Leather Hat - 7H15Dundee Leather Hat - 7H15
Flying Doctor Aviator Hat - Leather - 9H26Flying Doctor Aviator Hat - Leather - 9H26
The Roo - Leather Cowboy Hat - 9H19The Roo - Leather Cowboy Hat - 9H19
Darwin - Roo Leather Cowboy Hat -7H43Darwin - Roo Leather Cowboy Hat -7H43
Narabeen - Roo Leather Cowboy Hat - 7H19Narabeen - Roo Leather Cowboy Hat - 7H19
Inlander Aviator Hat - Leather - 9H25Inlander Aviator Hat - Leather - 9H25
Croc - Leather Cowboy Hat - 3H15Croc - Leather Cowboy Hat - 3H15
Brumby - Distressed Leather Cowboy Hat - 6HW46Brumby - Distressed Leather Cowboy Hat - 6HW46
Bushranger - Leather Cowboy Hat - 9H11Bushranger - Leather Cowboy Hat - 9H11
Alice - Suede Cowboy Hat - 5H17Alice - Suede Cowboy Hat - 5H17
Bendigo - Suede Cowboy Hat - 9H13Bendigo - Suede Cowboy Hat - 9H13
Packer - Leather Cowboy Hat - 9H16Packer - Leather Cowboy Hat - 9H16
Sydney - Leather Cowboy Hat - 9H18Sydney - Leather Cowboy Hat - 9H18
Huskie Aviator Hat -  Rhino Canvas - 8H05Huskie Aviator Hat - Rhino Canvas - 8H05
Baron Aviator Hat - Rhino Canvas - 8H06Baron Aviator Hat - Rhino Canvas - 8H06
Geelong Suede Cowboy HatGeelong Suede Cowboy Hat
Fur Huskie Aviator Hat - All Mock Fur - 10H07Fur Huskie Aviator Hat - All Mock Fur - 10H07
Mainlander - Suede Cowboy Hat 5H23Mainlander - Suede Cowboy Hat 5H23
Nullarbor - Vintage Leather Cowboy Hat - 4H57Nullarbor - Vintage Leather Cowboy Hat - 4H57
Echuca - Leather Cowboy Hat - 2H17Echuca - Leather Cowboy Hat - 2H17
Iron Cove - Leather Cowboy Hat - 9H10Iron Cove - Leather Cowboy Hat - 9H10
Soaka Breeze Hat - 5H16ASoaka Breeze Hat - 5H16A
Torquay Soaka - 5H71ATorquay Soaka - 5H71A
Torquay Breeze Soaka 5H66ATorquay Breeze Soaka 5H66A
The Soaka Hat - 5H31AThe Soaka Hat - 5H31A
Cape York Canvas Hat - 3H31Cape York Canvas Hat - 3H31
Townsville - Canvas Hat - 3H16Townsville - Canvas Hat - 3H16
Dallas Breeze Soaka Hat - 11HW29Dallas Breeze Soaka Hat - 11HW29
Western Plains Breeze Hat - 10HW29Western Plains Breeze Hat - 10HW29
Ball Cap - OilskinBall Cap - Oilskin
Attachable HoodAttachable Hood
Chin Straps for Kakadu Cowboy HatChin Straps for Kakadu Cowboy Hat

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