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Kakadu Australia

Established from working-class roots and with over three decades in the workwear/outerwear industries, the Kakadu brand has the experience and knowledge that comes only with time. 

Durable materials and quality fittings combined with a style based on function and purpoase has earnt us a reputation for producting some of the toughest, innovative and most reliable workwear/outerwear around.

Strong rugged canvas, top grain cowhide and antique brass are amongst the raw materials that give our products the guts to get the job done time and time again.


The origins of Kakadu's traditional oilskin canvas are traced back three generations where ancestors manned a lighthouse serving the remote Southern Ocean of Australia.  Here oilskin canvas was constructed using a wringer mangler so they could protect wharf equipment and themselves from the unrelenting harsh elements.  This was the basis upon which the now world famous "Microwax" was developed and is used exclusively by Kakadu for our Oilskin and Scrubbed product range.  The develpment continues.

Using a unique blend of Australian waxes and oils, our oilskin canvas is not only completely water and windproof, it is also fully breathable allowing sweat to permeat through the fabric.  Unlike most oilskin fabrics you may find on the market, our patented "Microwax" oilskin canvas is pleasantly odourless with a drier handle that remains supple even in the colder climates.

Understanding MicroWax

Products made using the MicroWax cloth are as tough as they come- 100% waterproof, windproof & breathable. Since the blend is not water soluble, any incidence of water to touch it simply runs straight off. The use of a super tight weave of cotton canvas ensures that it is completely windproof. The breathability arises from the fabrics crystalline structure. which varies and aligns with an increase of body heat, thereby allowing sweat in the form of water vapour to escape.

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